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Scottish Rite / Northern Masonic Jurisdiction

2018 - 2019 The Officers of the Valley of Lower Delaware
submitted by Jack McDuff 32 °

Lodge of Perfection

The Lodge of Perfection degrees are commonly called the Ineffable Degrees. In these eleven lessons, the candidate will observe many references, scenes and characters which recall and amplify the three Symbolic Degrees. The degrees are ineffable because the lessons involve man's age-old quest to describe the indescribable and to utter that which is incapable of being spoken.

Thrice Potent Master: Gerald Cowan 32 °
Deputy Master: Joseph Rogers 32 °
Senior Warden: James Lawrence 32 °
Junior Warden: Jack McDuff 32 °
Orator: Geoffrey Fox 32 °
Master of Ceremonies: Bruce McKinney 32 °
Captain of the Guard: Greg Vernicek 32 °
Valley Tiler: Earl Sennett 32 °
Valley Secretary Roger Willey 32°
Valley Treasurer Pat Shearon 32 °

The Degrees are:
4° Master Traveler
5° Perfect Master
6° Master of the Brazen Serpent
7° Provost & Judge
8° Intendant of the Building
9° Master of the Temple
10° Master Elect of the Fifteen
11° Sublime Master Elected
12° Master Architect
13° Master of the Ninth Arch
14° Grand Elect Mason

Council Princes of Jerusalem

The Council Princes of Jerusalem confers the 15° and the 16°. The two Historical Degrees conferred in a Council of Princes of Jerusalem cover the period from 538 to B.C. 516. They deal with persons and events connected with the end of the Babylonian Captivity of Israel, the return of some of the captives of Jerusalem, and the rebuilding of the Temple.

Sovereign Prince: Scott Anderson 32 °
High Priest: Brian Benfer 32 °
Senior Warden: Randy Parsons 32 °
Junior Warden: James Coulboume 32 °
Master of Ceremonies: Bruce McKinney 32 °
Master of Entrances

The Degrees are:
15° Knight Of The East
16° Princes of Jerusalem

Chapter of Rose Croix

The Chapter of Rose Croix confers the 17° and the 18°. The Chapter of Rose Croix confers two Philosophical Degrees. The historical setting of these degrees is within the Christian era but without any prescribed date. Their message is universal; their fellowship may include all men who believe in one Supreme Being whatever their nation, race or creed.

Most Wise Master: John Badeen 32 °. PSP
Senior Warden: John Turansky 32 °
Junior Warden: Eric Evans 32 °
Orator: Geoffrey Fox 32 °
Master of Ceremonies:
Captain of the Guard: Greg Vernicek 32 °

The Degrees are:
17° Knight of the East and West
18° Knight of the Rose Croix of Herdom


Fourteen "Traditional", "Chivalric" and "Modern" Degrees, from the 19th to the 32nd inclusive, are conferred in a Consistory of Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret. In the area of morals, certain Consistory Degrees teach the ultimate victory of good over evil, the dignity of labor, the sacredness of duty and unselfish service as the test of one's religious professions. A leader of men is taught that he must be righteous if he aspires to influence others and that he should listen, with open mind, to the lessons of the ages. In social relations, the Consistory teaches that toleration is respect for the opinions and religious convictions of others; that he who judges others must himself be above reproach; that it is noble to forgive but ignoble to seek revenge; that a Freemason who commits a felony will not be shielded by his brethren; and that he should have faith in himself, in his fellowman, and in God. In the area of national affairs, the Consistory holds firmly to the separation of Church and State and teaches that treason is a crime over which Masonry casts no mantle of charity. It proclaims that the crowning glory, in any human life, is that sacrificial love which impels one to lay down his life for a friend.

Commander-In-Chief     TBD Future Date
First Lieutenant Commander  TBD Future Date
Second Lieutenant Commander  TBD Future Date
Orator    TBD Future Date
Chancellor    TBD Future Date
Master of Ceremonies    TBD Future Date
Engineer and Seneschal     TBD Future Date
Standard Bearer     TBD Future Date
Color Bearer     TBD Future Date
Captain of the Guard     TBD Future Date

The Degrees are:
19° Grand Pontiff
26° Friend and Brother Eternal
20° Master ad Vitam
27° Knight of Jerusalem
21° Patriarch Noachite
28° Knight of the Sun
22° Prince of Libanus
29° Knight of St. Andrew
23° Knight of Valor
30° Grand Inspector
24° Brother of the Forest
31° Knight Aspirant
25° Master of Achievement
32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret

The Supreme Council, 33°, for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction is the governing body for Scottish Rite Freemasonry. With its headquarters in Lexington, Massachusetts, the Supreme Council is a board of directors comprised of some fifty 33° Masons, called "Active Members." The chief executive officer's title is Sovereign Grand Commander.
Each of the 15 states within the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction has an Active Member designated as a "Deputy," who is the executive officer for the Rite within his state. He is supported by the remaining Active Members of the state. There is at least one Active Member in addition to the Deputy in each state. Some states have as many as five Active Members. The purposes of the Supreme Council are clearly defined in its Declaration of Principles.

The Northern Masonic Jurisdiction oversees the bodies in 15 states: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Wisconsin and Vermont. In the Northern Jurisdiction the Supreme Council consists of no more than 66 members.
The Supreme Council meets on an annual basis, at which time the business of the Rite is transacted and the 33° is conferred on those who have been elected to receive this honor. From a membership of more than 200,000 32° Masons, less than 3,500 have been elevated to the 33°, for which they have been given the title of "Honorary Member." Within each state are local Valleys, where degrees from the 4° - 32° are conferred.

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